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Merdeka Night

Assalamualaikum and hi. Hehe so its another merdeka celebration here in KMS. Well this time its more to the Japanese-attacked era where the malays need to eat ubi kayu in order to survive. Hence, we were served with ubi kayu with gula melaka i guess (brown sugar?) and kelapa apa tah as meals. Oh got sambal also but i didnt take that since i had upset stomach. I swear ubi kayu and gula melaka sedap wei but i cant eat much since i ate them with empty stomach- my perut, ibu kata perut tiruan tak boleh masuk suka hati, kena on time yada yada if tak; it would upset :/

Well i dont know how to be a perempuan melayu terakhir thing since im not that kind of lady and here a tbh, i dont even know how to wear kain batik. Seen in the photo just me ikat the kain batik at hide them with blouse lol my outfit just the same as last year, still the same kain batik, still purple theme but this time more feminine and soft (?) since i wore white blouse and light purple shawl huhu
At night, huji's pics are da bomb, trust me.

Idk why most of us looked the same since three of us wore purple and the rest black-browned theme lol. Totally a coincident but this girl definitely tiru me with that soft purple theme eii

Oh yeah, our class entered the poster competition where ainaa and i worked on them. Not too much works just cut the faces of our guy classmates and paste them onto the FV's merdeka perdana menteri shirts ahahaha lol. And add a bit words and you know cliparts then there you go. Anddddd we won first place!!! ahahaha but actually the poster boleh siap awal if the clumsy me didnt close all the tabs in photoshop and lost the original ones :/ haih nasib menang! 

Right before the prizi-giving thing for poster, ainaa text Zharfan said: 
" nanti menang kau naik atas eh amik hadiah"
and then, we were announced as the winner. Confidence is the key tau!
As for the prize, it supposed a trip to Malacca yesterday but this weekend is a long holiday so who on earth wants to stay longer at college :/ bye trip at Malacca T_____________________T
Well, below is the poster that we made and me myself at that night wek.

Hmmm that's all from meeee. Thanks for reading!!!
xxx, mira. Assalamualaikum.

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Sports Carnival'18

Assalamualaikum and hi. So, i think this would be the last sports carnival for me. Huhuhuhu, btw this sports carnival was a bit different since my ib cas mega project was the one that fully handles the event. And i was incharged as the photographer, hence i did not run for the cross country huhu.

Btw, even the houses were bit different this time, still consists of four, there were; Onyx (black), Garnet (purple), Ruby (red) and Sapphire (blue). Yea that's weird since we had black and purple instead of green and yellow but still nice tho. Ohhh i was in black houseeee da Onyxxxxx. Since i was the photographer, so there's little pics of mine tsk but yea lets see a lil pics of me and also the houses :)))

Tsk i need to carry that semi heavy bag everywhere tsk tsk. Btw, Onyx got 2nd place and Ruby 1st. Well its kinda obvious that athletes were in onyx and ruby smh since only these two names were on repeat during the prize-giving ceremony lmao. Its okay Onyx, we were close enough :') The pic below resembled us that much. Go Onyx Go Onyx Goooooo!!

But hell yeah, before I was in Tau (red) and we won first place without contributed any points for sport lol but for this time, I contributed something. I won Chess!!! Issa gold babyyy hehe but sadly it was counted as a team, only if they separated the gender i thought Onyx would make it tho :')) hahaha well it's okay, we had fun! - that's more important

Since i was in Onyx, i was being a bit bias for the photos hahaha but it did not so obvious aite, hehe cause nobody complaint tho :3

Oh yeah, here, one with the team, A New Breath of Life, a.k.a Untitled :)

Umm, that's all from me, thanks for reading!
xxx, mira.

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Caprice in KMS

Assalamualaikum and hi! Well, this post basically should be posted a long time ago, during semester two to be exact, um now is sem 2. But yea due to many workloads of IB, sorry not sorry but ib is the main excused i can use, jealous enough? :]

Hmmm im not that remember of what happening that day actually but i still remember that i had lots of fun on that day, cause - there are Caprice and lantern night!
Uhm i dont really like Caprice, and i dont even know who was that until Iffah introduce him to me huhu smh

The closest selfie i got with him. Like I've said, i dont even know who he was but everyone else did that;s he got that kind of fame juga la. Uh, sebab i taktau him that much, but during his talk, he came to me and ask my name and all, sorry gais, salam jealous sikit hihu. That was the time yang dia tak kena kecam and bash that bad la. And that day, he put a show and asked us to jump jump jump along with the music and all, we were all that hyped, well my batch je i think so and that night seems turned kms into a club lol idek but teachers were so angry at us but whatever, we had fun. 

Right after the talk with Caprice, we were having lantern night. Need to lepaskan the lantern; mpp's idea. Well its fun though tak jadi lepaskan since the night so windy and one lantern tersangkut dengan pokok sampai terbakar a bit HAHAHA but still those lanterns light up the night kot. See pictures below for evidences huhu

I, before, judged the mpp a bit but truly from my depth heart, they were good. I love all the events in kms so far. The sports carnival, raya celebrations (posts coming soon) and even the shirts were soooo nice! (im not blaming the mpps before them tho)

My classmates wasn't managed to fly that lantern away- it was burnt huhu but yea the photos were nice! The shots and all. Most importantly, we had fun. 

Uhm, that's all from me, i think. Thanks for reading! 
xxx, mira.
Assalamualaikum C:

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Class of semester one

Assalamualaikum and hi. Well, i guess this is my last post before entering semester two. I decided to make a post for my class since there's a rumor that we would not be in the same class for the next sem - the headquarter want to separate us and divide us into our courses. Tough it still a rumor but it might be true, right?

For semester one, i was in 13.2. The 13 resembles the batch thirteen and the point two is the class. The class members were not sorted by the ranks or whatsoever but by the capital letter of our name. Since my name starts with A so mostly my classmates' names also start with A. One word i would describe my class is hyper. I do not know why i kept being surrounded with hyper people and those who are loving foods damn much lol

We aren't that close but we manage to survive and try to be closed. It's a lie if i say we never fought because we had. That's why our relationship aint that strength as before but it's okay, time will heal. My class full with those important people - the MPP, DYC's members, and the VP, most of the club's Ps and VPs. That's why once, others called us as 'class goal' but yeah, we would try to love and comfort to each other, soon, real soon :)

Those are some pictures during our early meets and yeaaaa, we even getting someone to marry lol. I can't say much but they are nice and we had so many things together. The hangouts, late night conversations, foods party, last minute homework, and so many more. Bless the star gazed and night views. Wishing that we could be in the same class again and yeah, to many many more memories :)

And again, blessed all the huji's pictures. It's a phenomenon, sorry people.
Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum :)

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Sports Carnival

Assalamualaikum and hi. Well, let's go to another story - sports carnival. At first, i thought there was no sports event since this college has no field. We do have some sport's accommodation such as basketball, futsal, netball, archery, tennis courts but no field for football, rugby and those related to em squads.

For this year, there are four houses, - Tau (Red), Sigma (Yellow), Rho (Blue) and Alpha (Green). The math's name, yada yada yada. As you can see, i was in the red house (Tau). The picture above was during our cheers competition and guess what, my classmate, Arina was the VP! LOL I admit some seniors were kind of upset because a freshman, junior like her got that highly prestige work but she's functioning well. Shame on those seniors who underestimates her - yes, to you, you know who you are.

Like action week, i did not participate in any sports competition because i am not that sporty person, sorry for that hehe. But there's a lot of sports were held and guess what, our team won the first place. I'm so proud of being in the Tau house. Well, it was my first difference house, oh i mean that for the rest of my life, i only experienced been in the yellow house only so, it's a difference for this year since i got into a red house. My luck, perhaps, Tau won the first place? Aahaha sorry not sorry.

That's all from me, Assalamualaikum :)

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Action Week; Year 1

Assalamualaikum and hi. So with five days left till i back to college, i wish to summarize my sem 1 in few posts. Since there are lots of events that happened throughout a sem, i guess it worth more than one blog post. Oh well, let's back to the action week of my college.

Action week is basically one of the biggest events in a year - so within four semesters, i would experience two action week events. This action week would be spent for a week with no classes at all but the week was hella compacted with several activities, preparations and so on. The pic above was during the P.Ramlee night, that's why we were in batik theme, I am no good with kain batik. Asyik nak terlucut je. Maybe those in boarding school had their experiences already but am i, the daily kids. During the one week, we will compete others team and yeah at the last day would be a march and bla bla bla cliche things.

For this year's action week, the theme was Blockbusters, including - Enigma (Robot), Hana Indija (The Japanese idk), Stigmiaia Doxa (The Wizards), Mortem XXX (i dont remember the name ahaha, The Cowboy, i guess), Tidal Out Law (The Pirates) and Knight of The Vale (also i dont remember their theme hahaha ).

Oh, i was in Enigma - the robot. Tbh i do not really love the robot things but yeah, what to do eh. By the way, i did not participate much during the week since i had so many business works that time (an excuse actually) and i caught flu (this aint an excuse). So, i did not mingle well with all of them, but they're nice.

Well, some photos during the week won't hurt, ey? I must say that there are lots of photos and it is hard which to post but i would share a single picture for each event. But, that wasn't all events are included.

Oh, let me introduce to all of you - my roommates. The one in brown is Nad and the one in black is Aishah. Those two are the one i would spend my two freaking years in Mara Seremban College and those two faces i would see whenever i start and end my day.

Well, that's all from me. I guess this year's action week was not that really cool and nice to be remembered forever but it was worth to reminisce. Oh, for this year, Tidal won the first place and my team was in fifth. Oh yeah, during this week, there's a programme called Rotten Chilies where you would have the points for the team if you go perform prayers in college's mosque. So, everyone was so passionate about it and urge everyone to do so. We find it so fake but yeah, fake it till you make it. Worth trying.

Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum :)

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