Welcome to my space! I'm Mira, 19. A full time student who's surviving ib. I blog in Malay & broken English plus I do not update my blog regularly. Do leave your footprints

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Class of semester one

Assalamualaikum and hi. Well, i guess this is my last post before entering semester two. I decided to make a post for my class since there's a rumor that we would not be in the same class for the next sem - the headquarter want to separate us and divide us into our courses. Tough it still a rumor but it might be true, right?

For semester one, i was in 13.2. The 13 resembles the batch thirteen and the point two is the class. The class members were not sorted by the ranks or whatsoever but by the capital letter of our name. Since my name starts with A so mostly my class mates's names also starts with A. One word i would describe my class is hyper. I do not know why i kept being surrounded with hyper people and those who are loving foods damn much lol

We aren't that close but we manage to survive and try to be closed. It's a lie if i say we never fought because we had. That's why our relationship aint that strength as before but it's okay, time will heal. My class full with those important people - the MPP, DYC's members and the VP, most of the club's Ps and VPs. That's why once, others called us as 'class goal' but yeah, we would try to love and be comforts to each other, soon, real soon :)

Those are some pictures during our early meets and yeaaaa, we even getting someone to marry lol. I can't say much but they are nice and we had so many things together. The hangouts, late night conversations, foods party, last minute homeworks, and so many more. Bless the star gazed and night views. Wishing that we could be in the same class again and yeah, to many many more memories :)

And again, blessed all the huji's pictures. It's a phenomenon, sorry people.
Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum :)

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Sport Carnival

Assalamualaikum and hi. Well, let's go to another story - sport carnival. At first, i thought there was no sport event since this college has no field. We do have some sport's accommodation such as basketball, futsal, netball, archery, tennis courts but no field for football, rugby and those related to em squads.

For this year, there are four houses, - Tau (Red), Sigma (Yellow), Rho (Blue) and Alpha (Green). The math's name, yada yada yada. As you can see, i was in red house (Tau). The picture above was during our cheers competition and guess what, my classmate, Arina was the VP! LOL I admit some seniors were kind of upset because a freshman, junior like her got that highly prestige work but she's functioning well. Shame on those seniors who underestimates her - yes, to you, you know who you are.

Like action week, i did not participate in any sport competition because i am not that sporty person, sorry for that hehe. But there's a lots of sports were held and guess what, our team won the first place. I'm so proud for being in the Tau house. Well, it was my first difference house, oh i mean that for the rest of my life, i only experienced been in yellow house only so, it's a difference for this year since i got into a red house. My luck, perhaps, Tau won the first place? Aahaha sorry not sorry.

That's all from me, Assalamualaikum :)

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Action Week; Year 1

Assalamualaikum and hi. So with five days left till i back to college, i wish to summarize my sem 1 in few posts. Since there are lots of events that happened throughout a sem, i guess it worth more than one blog post. Oh well, let's back to the action week's of my college.

Action week is basically one of the biggest events in a year - so within four semesters, i would experience two action week events. This action week would be spent for a week with no classes at all but the week was hella compacted with several activities, preparations and so on. The pic above was during the P.Ramlee night, thats why we were in batik theme, I am no good with kain batik. Asyik nak terlucut je. Maybe those in boarding school had their experiences already but am i, the daily kids. During the one week, we will compete others team and yeah at the last day would be a march and bla bla bla cliche things.

For this year's action week, the theme was Blockbusters, including - Enigma (Robot), Hana Indija (The Japanese idk), Stigmiaia Doxa (The Wizards), Mortem XXX (i dont remember the name ahaha, The Cowboy, i guess), Tidal Out Law (The Pirates) and Knight of The Vale (also i dont remember their theme hahaha ).

Oh i was in Enigma - the robot. Tbh i do not really love the robot things but yeah, what to do eh. By the way, i did not participated much during the week since i had so many business works that time (an excuse actually) and i caught flu (this aint an excuse). So, i did not mingle well with all of them, but they're nice.

Well, some photos during the week won't hurt, ey? I must say that there are lots of photos and it is hard which to post but i would share a single picture for each events. But, that wasn't all events are included.

Oh, let me introduce to all of you - my roommates. The one in brown is Nad and the one in black is Aishah. Those two are the one i would spend my two freaking years in Mara Seremban College and those two faces i would see whenever i start and end my day.

Well, that's all from me. I guess this year's action week was not that really cool and nice to be remembered forever but it was worth to reminisce. Oh, for this year, Tidal won the first place and my team was in fifth. Oh yeah, during this week, there's a programme called Rotten Chilies where you would have the points for the team if you go perform prayers in college's mosque. So, everyone was so passionate bout it and urge everyone to do so. We find it so fake but yeah, fake it till you make it. Worth trying.

Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum :)

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G4 Project

Assalamualaikum and hi. So today i would like to share about my another experience that involve in IB's requirement which is - G4 Project. Actually G4 is stands for Group 4. In IB, there are six groups where we would choose any subjects that we are interested in. The groups including language, science, arts, social science and etc.

Hence, G4 is the science group which occupy these subjects - Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For this project, we are require to conduct an experiment outside the college and our college chose a park, i dont remember the place's name, sorry. For me, the park is somehow looks like abandon one and there are LOTs of mosquitoes over there, sue me.

Ah, as you can see, the above picture is my groupmates and we were at the park - to survey the place before came up with an experiment proposal. Then, we finally decided to conduct an easy yet simple experiment which is the BOD experiment to investigate the cleanliness of the water sources at the park.

Twas a nice experience covered with excitement, sadness, anger and i do not know how to explain the combination but twas really nice. Meet our supervisor, Puan Zainon. She is a Physics teacher but yeah, welcome to Biology's experiment, madam.

An experience would not be enough without some pictures, no? I was blessed with Iphone7+ camera lol. Trust me, that day was a tiring day ever. 8:00 am till 1:00 pm at the site park. Then, rushed to college to get ready with the power point and slide show. Then, presentation till 5:00 pm and afterwards got Mandarin classes till 7:00 pm. Tiring yet so fun. Bless you, IB for getting me through this life. 

Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum


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Happy Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum and hi. Happy eid mubarak everyone! I knew i am kind of late to wish, but hey, raya sebulan kan? Maaf Zahir dan Batin guys. I am really sorry, very very veryyy sorry if i have or had done any wrongs to all of you. I am sorry if i have ever hurt your feelings, either with words or writings. I am really sorry. Salam kosong-kosong, and i wish all of you would have a blessed hari raya though.

To be frank, i dont even have the mood or had the raya vibes before and even during the raya. Why? The main reason is, the more hari raya flew away, the nearer it could be to my registration day. Hahahaha don't laugh or get mad to me hahaha i swear i such a baby kiddo. Guys, please be considerable, it is the first time, for me, to be a part from family. And the fact of me being the youngest, the manja-ness could not be gone, okay? Hehe

Well, my raya day, the first eid day aint much more different than usual. Sleep early before the raya, went to the mosque for hari raya prayer, changed for baju raya (no its not a baju raya like a new one cause i wore the same baju during my cousin's wedding's day), the salam-mintak-ampun-mintak-duit-raya ceremony and went back to hometown. I live in Jempol and my hometown is Pilah, so its only took us 30 minutes to be there, in hometown. As we got there, we began to have guests, the sanak saudara belah mana mana je la, came, had some chats and bla bla the same routine. I wont nagged so long as the story line, mine, would be the same as yours, no? So, i just would leave some sneak peaks of my eid's photos hehe

In case you guys wonders why i didnt be in the family pic, this is the main reason of it. I was the photographer! I took my pic all alone huhu


here, another combo from a perasan girl like me lol. as i typing here, my days for college are getting nearer. i am trembling on how would i survive but when it comes to eid's month, who cares? i want rendang, lemang, lodeh, duit raya of course!! compulsory duh and mercun bunga api and etc. 

However, as i getting older, i noticed nowadays raya aint the same as the old one. Reality bites. I am so pity with these kids, they didnt have a taste of going to raya from one house to one house everyday, getting 50 cents as duit raya, having a mercun war with the other kids from the other houses, getting kad raya from close friends and so on. All i can see from the new generations are playing with tablets. Playing games, socializing thru phones, no chatters between one's, no making friends with the other kids from the other housing area or what not. Pity, pity. 

Well, whatever, they (the kids) doesnt care btw. lol. Happy Eid again, everyone! :)
So, how your raya? Dont be hesitated to share yours! I would be glad to read so

Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum.

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Hectic Week

Assalamualaikum and hi! It has been days since my last updated. As you can see my previous blog posts or maybe the thumbnail of this post, you can clearly see the word of MARA; yup, i am one of Mara's scholar. And that was the main reason why i could not post more entries. But, usually i would spent a day to write more than 3 entries and will set them on different dates; that's why the gap between one's entry ain't that long.

Hectic week. Definitely. Totally. I bet whoever enrolled with a scholar would face the obstacles as same as mine. Obviously they are the documents, agreements and endless of procedures! Need to get the guarantor's signature, need to get all the certificates been verified, need to go to LHDN, need to do the medical check up (med check nowadays is so expensive! even the blood test cost me more than rm100 tho) and etcetera.

Being me as a not so organized person totally drives me nuts. Everything is a messy. There are too many worksheets to be printed, too many words to read, too many forms to be filled, too many online registration's forms to be done and so on. And at last, it ended with two files. Full one. However, i still does not manage to finish them until now. I still need to go to LHDN, verifies some documents and write an essay.

Okay the big deal for me is writing an essay actually. It is an essay about myself, my study plans and career, sounds easy but it worth more than 4k characters and the fact that i am so lazy haunts me most of the time. Sigh, i still need to finish all of them before this Wed, 5th July.

One thing that i am so grateful is that we can upload our own pic for matrix card. My friends keep on nagging and complaining about their matrix card's pic; 'muka selebet betul' 'tudung senget benget' 'muka tak ready' but huhuhu i can upload it and edit it for sure hahahaha lol but wait, i still look like mak cik mak cik. True, but as long i do not look really terrible, it is fine. 

Fyi, it is my first time entering such a place. I never enter any boarding school or be away from my parents more than 3 days. What a new challenge for me. Home sick? Obviously i would face it in a hard way. Let see if i could survive my two years there. Wish me luck! xoxo

Thanks for reading, Assalamualaikum.

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Review: Photobook WWide

Assalamualaikum and hi! During my after school holidays or can be said as after spm's holidays, instead of wasting times by sleeping, eating, watching tv and doing nothing, luls i've back from a very very very long hiatus. I was so bored until i decided to create a new blog since i've forgot the old blog's password. Long story short, when i was blogwalking, i've bumped into a blog (i dont remember the blog's url) but she/he had posted an entry about what am i going to write now. It is Photobook Worldwide. 

Okay, Photobook Worldwide is a place where you can mesmerize and reminisce all of your memories in a hard copy kind of a thing. An easy way to say is it's kinda like a photo album. But, that's not something like putting a 4R photo in the album somehow but it is an album where we create and personalise it by our own then they will print it out as a book. If you jump up into their web, i recommended you to subscribe their email as you will be rewarding with a thanksgiving gift. For me, i got to choose a gift either owning a 6' x 6' mini photobook or 100 pcs of 4R pictures. And i did chose the mini photobook. Oh yes, it's a gift, so it's free! Can you imagine, this mini photobook worth of RM80++ will be given freely! Doesnt that should be said as a golden opportunity to be grabbed for? Let's take a look at my photobook that i created. 

I am sorry for the bad quality of the pics as i doesnt that pro handling with camera and finding the right perfecto angles and so on. But, trust me, it ain't the same as the photo book, their quality is so good like really reallyyyyy good. I bet you will love it as i do.

Oh, before i forget, as the gift is free, we need to pay the shipping by ourselves. If i am not mistaken, it was RM27 but it is the fastest operating ones. They will finish up your project; the photo  book in three days. As i love the gift plus the superb qualities of it, i wonder of creating another photo books hahaha i am so obsess with it now hehe my next project would be a School Years Photobook (working on it now but i guess i will delay it as i am going to college real soon) and maybe the upcoming one would be KMS Life Photobook (?)

I really should spend money starting now lol. Oh yeah, if you want to know more about them, you can freely jump up into their website; http://photobook.com.my
If you're looking for a cheaper one, you should subscribed their email as they will inform you everytime they're having promotions and so on. Don't miss 'em and check it out!

That's all from me, thanks for reading,


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Memoir: Last day of SPM

Assalamualaikum and hi. Since aku tak tahu nak update and post entry apa and sebab aku tak nak nampak blog kosong tak update setelah berhari-hari juga, so aku decide nak throwback. A lot of throwbacks, after this? hehehe please bear with it. Serious, let me throwback my school years, ya la, aku ni penganggur terhormat. Dari aku duk ulang rutin tido-makan-tv-hp-tido-makan-tv-hp, adalah baiknya aku reminisce sikit memories lama la kan? If you miss some of them, boleh check kat navi tab memoir tu ye hiks hehehe

Okay, sebagai bekas pelajar sekolah lol antara hari-hari yang penting dalam hidup semestinya adalah seperti berikut:
1) Hari First Masuk Sekolah
2) Hari-hari Cuti
3) Hari-hari Exam
4) Hari Mula SPM
5) Hari Last SPM

okay lol so, sebagai salah seorang yang tergolong dalam ciri berikut, aku nak la throwback sikit kan time hari last spm. Tak seperti tahun sebelum-sebelumnya, bagi batch 99 ataupun spm candidates 2016 aliran sains, paper terakhir kami ialah Kimia/Chemistry, and before this ialah Biology. Second last paper kami ialah Bio and then kami ada gaaaaaaappp yang amat panjang iaitu 5 hari sebelum last day SPM iaitu pada 29 November. Teacher Chem kami, toksah kata la, risau semedang je sebab gap panjang. Mesti pelik kan, risau nape sebab gap panjang better la kan? Boleh baca banyak! But, that's no how it supposed to be, memang betul la teacher risau, sebabbbb, LAST PAPER SYNDROME. Well, sebab gap panjang sangat, then kau mula la rasa macam dah habis exam, dah merdeka, mula malas baca buku, and bla bla in between. 

Okay, whatever the result and how it supposed to be, chem kami okay, Alhamdulillah. Walaupun gmp sekolah for Chem agak menurun........ but its okay la teacher en, kami dah usaha hehe. Time paper Chem, teacher memang belanja makan kaw-kaw la. The best food time rehat before the next paper sepanjang spm, maybe. Dannnn Chem punya paper la yang time paper 3 semua jawab smooth je kot (?) Sebab tak macam paper Phy dan lain yang pengawas peperiksaan terpaksa tunggu agak lama sikit dekat certain meja untuk kutip buku jawapan. Anddddd tak payah kata la, time nak bagi buku jawapan, semua punya sengih-senyum memang takleh nak aci sorok dah, semua memang happy kemain. But yalahh, kitorang habis paper terus jerit je, tak buat sujud syukur like others, pardon our behavior. LOL and thanks kepada seorang pengawas yang terpaksa ambil gambar siap kena tunggu kitorang selfie-wefie-dan-seangkatan-dengannya for almost an hour. 

Can you see the difference between a girl and a boy? Gambar perempuan, budak laki kecoh nak interframe and the pics isnt that very good but yeah, for boys......... okay nevermind guys. I wont mind. Oh ye, disebabkan 29 Nov tu bukan hari sekolah, so kitorang kena pandai-pandai datang sekolah pukul berapa. And I was the forth person who came to school. I thought that i was the early one but yeah, Etot and Ipah were the winner. Depa dok mai sekolah time pak guard tak bukak pagar sekolah pun lagi. Semangat nau nauuu. Tapi, lepas jawab paper 1 Chem, semua lemau nau nau pulak haha lol banyak gila pengiraan babeng laaa. And selepas sejam amik gambar semua, hujan pun turun. A good sign or a bad sign? OR Sedih nak tinggal sekolah or happy dah habis sekolah? But for sure, i miss school; be in a class with a group of monkeys and the teachers there. I miss the loudness.

Like I've said, the boys memang suka interframe. At first, I'm the one who wants to take a photo, alone. Then Afiq and Hari came soundless at my back, followed by Zainur. Lastly, Daus and Kimi messed the pic. LOL. I can say that Chem was one of the papers that driving us nuts but yeah, who cares? Its over and it's so goooood to be free; tapi untuk hari tu la, and for the next two months. Now, i miss school. Not the homeworks and rules; i miss the environment there. (love emoji pls) Okay, thats all from me. Bye, Assalamualaikum.

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Memoir: Result SPM 2016

Assalamualaikum and hi. As a spm leaver, mesti semua ketaq-ketaq kan time nak amik result spm. Siapa weyy tak ketaqq. Walaupun result pun dah dapat sejak 16th of March lepas, kita kasi throwback la? hahaha Btw, this could be a long post, i'm sorry and thanks for yang baca sampai habis. Aku bukanla sekolah yang tinggi-tinggi famous amous gitu, bukan mrsm bahkan sbp (walaupun hampir register masuk sgs haha) dan bukan juga smka. Well aku sekolah harian biasa dekat luar bandar sahaja; Smk Bandar Baru Serting (Felda). A pure science student which i took Biology, Chemistry, Physic and Addmath. Alhamdulillah batch 99 aliran sains dengan jayanya telah habis menduduki SPM dari 7 November sehingga 29 November. As a conclusion yang boleh aku buat bagi each subjects;

Note; this entry saya post bukan sebab riak-takbur-ujub dan sewaktu dengannya malahan sebagai pengalaman dan kenangan buat diri sendiri. Tak salah kan nak embrace and reminisce certain memory, aite? Dont hate pls

Bahasa Melayu: The Kbat aint no killing. Soalan komsas dia banyaaaaaak sangat kbat yang kadang rasa macam; apa aku nak jawab ek? apa aku nak buat ek kalau cemtu? and so on. Tatabahasa dia pun apa kurangnya buat sakit kepala sebab bagi aku macam tak ada yang salah hahahaha lol and alhamdulillah karangan tajuk-tajuk dia not bad, boleh jawab :) Taaaaapi, soalan rumusan dia buat aku pening nak tentukan ada 'pihak' yang terlibat ke tak and macam aku kata, the kbat ain't no killing. Seriously, aku nasihatkan korang kena mula berfikir secara kritis dan mantap ye bakal spm students.

English: Section A dia bak hangg la weii ketaq aku wey vocabulary dia tinggi nak mampuih la bagi seorang yang tak power english cam aku ni. Memang aku susah nak faham hampir semua soalan dekat section tu la sampai aku skip semua nak jawab lain dulu. Summary dia memang lawak la sebab cerita section C dia pun agaaaaak la pasal love kot; where's a guy need to make a move on a girl. lawak k! and again essays dia alhamdulillah aku merepek ikut suka aku macam biasa hahahaha. paling susah section A la bagi aku

Sejarah: Bagi paper 1, yang mampu aku kata, kau baca kau dapat. Alhamdulillah aku khatam dua buku teks sebelum paper and thanks God, aku check online aku dapat 38/40. I cried okay sebab selalu dapat 34 je paling tinggi. Paper 2, memang kau tercengang juga la sebab soalan target memang tak keluar langsung. And kalau kau baca soalan, kau tak boleh figure out mana satu soalan kbat and seems macam tak ada pun soalan kbat tau. Sebab tu semua nampak macam fakta je. For paper 3, alhamdulillah bahan-bahan yang cikgu-cikgu sejarah bagi memang majoriti kena dengan soalan so it's became more easier.

Matematik: Kertas satu dia aku rasa lagi better dari soalan trial negeri sembilan and ada sesetengah soalan aku tak dapat jawab (soalan bearing dengan bumi sebagai sfera apa tah) daaan alhamdulillah aku teka main tembak-tembak betul pula bila check online. Untuk paper 2 math, haaaaaa paper ni macam haroommm nauzubillah betul la sebab aku pun cuak-pening lah fikir ni soalan math ke addmath sebab penaakulan dia dah macam janjang addmath la pula. And the kbat also aint killing sebab dia punya soalan tu bagi belit memang agak win la. Mula-mula memang ambil masa nak paham but at last mesti akan dapat tau juga cara kiranya.

Pendidikan Islam: Subjek ni pun aku rasa lebih kurang sejarah je. Kau baca, kau dapat. Thats all. Soalan paper 1 bahagian objektif memang fakta la and jawapan memang macam lebih kurang so tu aku kata, kau baca kau dapat haha lol bagi bahagian B and C pula, fakta memang tak boleh buat apa la and the kbat were much nicer la sebab tak guna ayat belit or perkataan yang susah nak faham. And untuk paper 2, lebih kurang je macam soalan section B and C paper 1, cuma rasanya kali ni paper kitorang macam kurang tanya maksud perkataan la, seingat aku la. And ayat hafazan jangan lupa hafal ye as well as the tajwid! Markah bonus tu.

Addmath: I haveeee a very big issue with this paper. Mula-mula pagi berhimpun, i was so worried sebab tak pernah dapat A untuk addmath and cuak nak mati sampai cikgu tegur, kata; Mira! Awat muka tu cuak sangat, tenang ye nanti blank pula karang. Anddd guess what, memang aku blank for the first 20 minutes time paper 1. Speechless + cuak = blank. Buka je paper 1, there's no soalan fungsi!!! Buka je tetibe soalan statistik, then probability, then log ke apa and aku macam; wth is this. Memang skip soalan sampai hampir separuh buku soalan dan akhirnya jumpa soalan fungsi daaan barulah aku lega; at last otak fungsi sikit. Tbh aku rasa aku tak jawab full, ada juga soalan aku tinggalkan and jawab pun dalam satu dua workings je. Paper 1 dia memang hella bad la compares to paper 2 tapi bila ingat balik macam sama je dedua susah. I found physic's in vector, i can't figure out which one was simultaneous equation and etc. Ni la salah satu subjek memang dari awal aku rasa nak dapat A tu payah............... but hey, for the first time aku dapat selesaikan soalan prove the trigonometry punya equation lol.

Physic: Aku rasa paper physic ni much moreeeee easier dari apa aku pernah jawab before this. Maksudnya aku rasa aku boleh jawab banyak la soalan-soalan time paper physic ni but thats what meet the eyes la, result phy aint that really good haha. Untuk paper 1, macam aku kata, soalan dia more simple and straight forward compares to the other subjects. And also for the first time i got more than 40 yang betul sebab selama ni paling tinggi pun 38 and im so happy! Untuk paper 2, ada satu soalan pasal Palang Maltase; actually time last day drilling, aku ada tanya cikgu topik ni and cikgu terangkan balik dekat kelas and yess topik ni keluar sebiji time spm, alhamdulillah. But, untuk soalan heat memang agak kecewa la sebab aku burn 6 marks free je untuk termometer tu. haish and the kbat yang ada pun sikit la tak banyak sangat. Soalan dia banyak kena fikir, and predict; banyak libatkan kehidupan harian la. Paper 3 pula memang alhamdulillah apa yang tajuk satu Malaysia target memang keluar. U guys should trust spot topics sometimes! hehe

Biology: Unlike physic, jangan percaya soalan spot bio sebab satu pun tak keluaaaaarrrrrr. Untuk paper 1, agak senang la bagi aku sebab bio fakta; kau baca, kau dapat. Tapi jawapan untuk soalan paper 1 agak mengelirukan and hampir sama tbh. Untuk paper 2 pula, thoseeeeeeeee questionssssss driving me crazy. Macam addmath, aku speechless aci rahang bawah pun jatuh bila buka soalan je and no organelles or animal cell or plant cell. What can i say is, the question contains 80% about plants! Happy plants day? Bahagian A mahupun B, banyak pasal tumbuhan and sadly i do read most of the topics (ni sebab baca last minute lol) but i decide to not read tumbuhan punya topics sebab selalu keluar bahagian essay je which we can elak untuk jawab but nayyy me. And sadly, for paper 3, both experiments also pasal tumbuhan. Section A about transpiration and section B is fotosintesis. Actually, kan ada gap masa paper 2 and 3, so our biology teachers said, paper 2 banyak pasal tumbuhan so paper 3 mesti pasal lain; so we read about respiration, nutrition and etc but hahaha no guys. Its plants again. Ni pun antara subjek yang buat aku ragu-ragu nak dapat A.

Chemistry: Aku memang sukaaaa sangat subjek chemistry sebab subjek ni aku lebih paham dari subjek lain haha So, dengan gap 5 hari, aku memang bergumbiraaa je study chemist and bagi aku paper 1 dia tak susah sangat tapi memang banyak pengiraan and aku cuaaaaaai 2 soalan wei, haish geramnya and ada 1 soalan memang aku tak tau jawapan lol. Chem paper 1 kalau facts memang tak boleh buat apa la kan unless baca and the kbat banyak dekat soalan pengiraan la sampai pening gak nak fikir jalan kira. Untuk paper 2, the kbat questions memang banyakkk sampaikan kena baca banyak kali sebab nak fikir ni under chapter apa sebenarnya. And guys, again i burnt 3 marks freely sebab tak perasan soalan. Takleh beza the different between 'wajarkan' and 'wajarkah', sekali baca nampak sama kan? so aku salah disitu la yang nyata lol, Paper 3, alhamdulillah, untuk perancangan eksperimen memang aku baca masa ada gap, and the question memang sebiji dengan apa yang aku baca.

Masa hari nak amik result, risau-cuak-nervous dia memang bukan main la. My mom memang harapkan aku dapat straight As tapi aku saaaangat risau dengan paper Bio and Addmath. Sebab macam tak boleh dapat A. Sehari sebelum amik result pun ibu tanya lagi; boleh dapat berapa ni? takkan tak boleh dapat straight As? duduk sekolah lama-lama cemtu. Annnnddddddd dari aku redha aku dapat berapa je terus jadi gelabah and harap sangat dapat straight As. Malam sebelum result pun kitorang dapat note la dari cikgu kata datang amik result pukul 2 petang. Lambaaaat kan? Tu lagi la tambah cuak sebab risau teruk sangat. And pagi dapat result, my classmate, yang aku rasa pandai and scorer addmath tu pun dia check dapat 7A2B. Lagi laaaaa aku risau.

And after that, aku dapat banyak chat dari classmates and teachers suruh aku check result thru sms. Dah la aku tengah cuak gila then memang tak la nak check and aku kasi blue tick je majoriti and kalau reply pun aku kata takut nak check haha. Sebab malas nak layan, aku pun call Aida tanya dia dapat berapa sebab dia dah check msg and yes, she got 9As. Alhamdulillah for her and time tengah call Aida, ibu pula called. Then tetiba je ibu nangis and panggil nama aku. Seriously time tu aku rasa cam haduh teruk ke sampai ibu nangis ni (ibu boleh check sebab she have my ic number and angka giliran lol) and then ibu kata; dik, adik dapat 9A. And ya Allahhhhh, i cant described how i felt; sumpah terkejut and of course tears started rolling down my cheeks. Alhamdulillah. Untuk double check, aku pun msg la and yes, alhamdulillah dapat message macam gambar di atas :)

Alhamdulillah, ni yang aku dapat untuk spm aku. Sejujurnya, memang aku ada harap nak dapat straight As, tapi ada beberapa subjek macam bio dan addmath yanng buat aku risau, and alhamdulillah again, with Allah's helps, everything is possible. My hardworks paid off and yes, your hardworks will never betray you. Dekat sekolah, the coco star system expect me to get 8A+ and 1A but yeah, 6A+ 1A 2A- was enough for me. Thanks Allah, family, teachers and friends; nothing could be possible without your loves and helps. Some pics of my result's day? 

Congrates my girls and batchmates, even though we are not as great as the batch a year after us, we could manage to prove that we can do it; we could beat their gps eventough it was only 0.01. However we cant pass 4.04 but breaking the senior's result is great. I love y'all and I hope you guys could live in a happy ending life. 


Thank you bang ngah and kak wa buat surprise datang dari KL and UPM semata-mata nak greet and say congrates to me. Thank youuuu sangat. To pengetua, thanks kerana selalu support and asal jumpa je selalu kata; amira awak kena dapat 9A ye. Thanks pengetua, berkat kata-kata pengetua akhirnya dapat juga. Terima kasih semua and i knew, this is not the end, lepas ni nak kena lalui asasi/matriks, kena struggle more. Nak kena cari biasiswa and etc. Tbh i'm scared nak sambung study. Excited memang la, tapi, i never enter any boarding sch, so aku tak pernah rasa hidup berdikari tanpa mak ayah. Aku tak pernah struggle study di mana aku sensorang tanpa support family,cikgu and kawan yang selalu dekat. Tak ada lagi cikgu-cikgu yang sudi luang masa dekat whatsapp or jumpa personal kalau taktau something. And i studied in malay, kalau then in english, will i survive with the different terms and whatnot? Haish, there's so many things trambling all over my mind nowadays.

For those yang ada any tips and advices to share; i would glad to hear. And boleh tak suggest any scholarship yang okay? sebab i would like to further in dentistry so banyak biasiswa engineering je ni. Do share some infos here guys :) interesting experiences would do too! :)

Thanks for reading a very long post guys, Assalamualaikum.

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