Merdeka Night

September 16, 2018

Assalamualaikum and hi. Hehe so its another merdeka celebration here in KMS. Well this time its more to the Japanese-attacked era where the malays need to eat ubi kayu in order to survive. Hence, we were served with ubi kayu with gula melaka i guess (brown sugar?) and kelapa apa tah as meals. Oh got sambal also but i didnt take that since i had upset stomach. I swear ubi kayu and gula melaka sedap wei but i cant eat much since i ate them with empty stomach- my perut, ibu kata perut tiruan tak boleh masuk suka hati, kena on time yada yada if tak; it would upset :/

Well i dont know how to be a perempuan melayu terakhir thing since im not that kind of lady and here a tbh, i dont even know how to wear kain batik. Seen in the photo just me ikat the kain batik at hide them with blouse lol my outfit just the same as last year, still the same kain batik, still purple theme but this time more feminine and soft (?) since i wore white blouse and light purple shawl huhu
At night, huji's pics are da bomb, trust me.

Idk why most of us looked the same since three of us wore purple and the rest black-browned theme lol. Totally a coincident but this girl definitely tiru me with that soft purple theme eii

Oh yeah, our class entered the poster competition where ainaa and i worked on them. Not too much works just cut the faces of our guy classmates and paste them onto the FV's merdeka perdana menteri shirts ahahaha lol. And add a bit words and you know cliparts then there you go. Anddddd we won first place!!! ahahaha but actually the poster boleh siap awal if the clumsy me didnt close all the tabs in photoshop and lost the original ones :/ haih nasib menang! 

Right before the prizi-giving thing for poster, ainaa text Zharfan said: 
" nanti menang kau naik atas eh amik hadiah"
and then, we were announced as the winner. Confidence is the key tau!
As for the prize, it supposed a trip to Malacca yesterday but this weekend is a long holiday so who on earth wants to stay longer at college :/ bye trip at Malacca T_____________________T
Well, below is the poster that we made and me myself at that night wek.

Hmmm that's all from meeee. Thanks for reading!!!
xxx, mira. Assalamualaikum.

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